2004-2012 Sportster 2 into 1 System - Mid Controls Only- Chrome or Black

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2004-2012 Sportster 2 into 1 System - Mid Controls Only- Chrome or Black

BUB Lakester 2 into 1 Exhaust Systems for Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

NOTE: 2012 bikes may require 02 after market sensor adapter kit due to changes in stock sensor sizes and front header port location.

• The Lakester 2 into 1 systems are available in Black or Chrome finishes.
• The system comes with dual 02 sensor ports.

BUB Lakester 2-1 systems route the rear cylinder pipe forward to parallel the front cylinder pipe to give a unique and racy appearance. The two pipes merge into a 2.5” collector. The formed muffler tapers up to 4” and has a reverse cone end to give a racing inspired appearance.

BUB Lakester 2-1 specifications:
Header assembly: 1 3/4” to 1 7/8” to 2.5” collector stepped header
Heat shields: 2 ¼” with approximately 220 degrees of wrap
Muffler design: formed steel with tapered design to 4” ultimate diameter.
Muffler internals: 2.5” mechanical baffle with double wall technology to help prevent muffler discoloration.
Finishes/ Coatings: All chrome and all black
The styling of the BUB Lakester 2-1’s say fast and the step header technology will back it up at the dyno. For those looking for an affordably high performance 2-1 system with racing inspired lines, look no further that a BUB Lakester 2-1.

Part Numbers:
05-3062BG Black $675.00 (click on image to see black system details)
05-3062CG Chrome $675.00
22-2164/1 Sound reducing baffle $75.00 sold separately

This product is designed for use on closed course competition motorcycles only.
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Retail: $675.00
05-3062CG, 05-3062BG
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